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Take notice that I am new to making icons :P And with that said...

46 'I heart...' icons... 

30 Random I heart certain Porn and Kinks Icons
16 Supernatural/Jared and Jensen I heart icons



==No Hotlinking


Am I the only one in this entire fandom that doesn't want Jo to die a violent death, like every single episode? 

To all those who don't like her, give me one good reason that doesn't have to do with her and Dean! If you don't like her for her personality FINE...but just because she has a 'thing' with Dean...give me a fucking break. 

I'm done.

Heroes kicks ass. I feel another fandom pulling me in!

Yes that is really all I have to say. :P

You Tasted All My Purity

hustler!dean. Do I need to say more. No. Get your ass over there and read it (if you haven't already).

ETA: I am starting to wonder who I am talking to considering I am still a friendless LJ girl. Oh well.

Are you ever like? Damn I wish I had some Crack!Fic? You know one where one of the Winchesters turns into a girl and then really hot sex happens? Body swap? Wing, Werewolf or Vampire fic? OMFG SEX POLLEN!? Dean or Sam is a virgin and THEN have hot sex? Sam uses his powers against dean (then of course SEX) and I know everyone wants some priest!kink? Go to the link below NOW!

Supernatural Crack!Fic List!

*looks around* No friends yet, this is my first post, new to Livejournal.

This journal will most likely contain wincest, or Supernatural RPS. Recs. Rants. Pics. Whatever. Because it's hot. liek woah.

So if you are younger then 18, you probably shouldn't be around not that I can stop you but take into consideration that I might corrupt your innocent mind. Ha.

*throws confetti to welcome herself because no one else is here* yay!

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